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How To Make a Bow

How to Make a Bow with the Bowdabra Bow Making Tool

How to make a bow that looks stunning and professional? Every time you are trying to make a DIY project, a gift wrap, a greeting card or a scrapbooking project, bow making is one major creative activity that takes up time if you are not prepared for it. You will find people trying to do flips and twists with ribbons and mesh and then throwing up their hands in despair. Is bow making all that difficult? Not at all, if you have your friendly Bowdabra tool. Then it is just a matter of minutes for you to fix up the most perfect looking bows.

Queen of Crafts Sandy Sandler as she shows us one of her craft ideas using the Bowdabra Tool

The Bowdabra bow making tool lets even novices create professional looking bows. How to make a large bow, how to make a ribbon bow, or how to make a boutique bow – you can learn these so-called expert ideas in just minutes with the Bowdabra bow maker tool!

The Bowdabra Bow Making Tool

Need a nice gift-wrapping bow idea? With the Bowdabra bow maker, you can create really large gorgeous bows for wreaths, holiday decoration, ornamentation, gift-wrapping, and home décor.

Bowdabra bow making tool lets you master the art of bow making easy and fast! With the Bowdabra easy bow making tool, you get to learn:

  • How to make large bows
  • How to make a ribbon bow
  • How to make boutique hair bows

Bow lovers can check out several easy-to-follow tutorials and how to make a bow videos with step-by-step bow making instructions. Have Bowdabra by your side and create bows that make your gifts stand out in a crowd.

Ribbon Bows

Mini Bowdabra

Ever wondered how do people make such cute looking small bows so perfectly? Learn how to make small bows with perfection with the Mini Bowdabra bow making tool. Little bows accentuated the beauty of wreaths, gift packages, and all kinds of holiday decorating.

Using the Mini Bowdabra create a bow using one-sided printed ribbon. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how.

With the Mini Bowdabra bow maker tool, learn:

  • How to make small bows for accentuation
  • How to make spiky bows
  • How to create sheer ribbon bow
  • How to make a ribbon bow
  • How to make dog bows

How to make a bow

Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit

Are you eyeing those cute hair bows at the mall, but not buying them because they are too expensive? Now no need to spend money unnecessarily on hair bows. Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit lets you create easy hair bows in just minutes.

The Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit fit perfectly over the Mini Bowdabra bow making tool. With the two together you can measure your bow loops perfectly and create symmetrical hair bows. And it is not only about hair bows. With the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit you can learn how to make baby hair bows, how to make a dog bow, how to make boutique hair bows, pet bows and more.

Learn how to make a large loopy Bowdabra hair bow. Watch our tutorial to make a 5″ wide 8 loop bow.

Hair Bows

Mini Bowdabra Complete Hair Bow Creator Kit

Hair bows are fun accessories that can be worn by women of all ages and on any length of hair. Rather than spending way too much on buying bows, get creative and learn how to make hair bows with a simple tool – the Mini Bowdabra Complete Hair Bow Creator Kit.

Mini Bowdabra Complete Hair Bow Creator Kit contains the complete set, i.e. the Mini Bowdabra bow making tool and the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit. The complete Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Creator Kit lets you create mini bows, easy hair bows, baby bows, dog bows, pet bows and more.

Using the Bowdabra bow making products we created an autumn themed hair bow. Watch our craft tutorial to make a set of matching hair bows

How to Gift Wrap

Check out more tutorials and how to videos presenting easy hair bow making instructions for hair bows.


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