Scrap Ribbon Cuff Bracelet

As a bow maker I end up having a lot of scrap ribbon. No one wants to throw away those little pieces of scrap ribbon but the question is what do you do with them.

I was visiting the Bowdabra office several weeks ago and Sandy Sandler had mentioned that for Earth Day we should make cuffs out of cardboard toilet paper rolls. She said when you cut a toilet paper roll open lengthwise it was the perfect cuff shape. Sandy set the challenge, inspired this craft, and I am pretty happy with the results.

Materials Needed:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Scrap Ribbon
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Button, Quilter’s Thread, & Yarn Needle
  • Scissors


1. Begin by cutting a toilet paper lengthwise. Next, cut the cardboard to the size of the cuff you want. I cut mine so that it is 3? high.


2. Next, place ribbon across the front of your cuff and glue the ends to the back of the cuff.



3. Then, use your ribbon scraps to weave the front of the cuff.


4. Once you have the front completely woven, hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the cuff. Now, hot glue a ribbon strand onto the center of the cuff and leave several inches for a tail on one side. Your ribbon strand should be no larger than 3/8? wide and should not be a stiff ribbon like grosgrain.


5. Hot glue felt to the inside of the cuff. The felt feels nice and soft on your skin and prevents all the ribbon ends from showing.


6. Then using quilter’s thread and a yarn needle sew a button on the opposite side of where the ribbon tail is. I used a yarn needle because it is hard to go through felt, cardboard and ribbon. But if your buttonholes are too small you may have to use a regular needle.


8. To wear the cuff just place it on your wrist and wrap the ribbon tail around the button.


9. This is a really fun and unique cuff to wear and I love that it is made from recycled materials!



Thanks Sandy Sandler for inspiring this really fun scrap ribbon cuff; I love a challenge!

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