Bowdabra Makes Creating Headbands Easy!

The Bowdabra, Mini Bowdabra, and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler make it easy to create beautiful headbands.

Using the Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler you can create beautiful bows that then easily tie onto the headband with Bowdabra Bow Wire.

Make a headband with button embellishments and a bow, like this one:


You can add marabou, ribbon sprays, and a Boutique Bow, to make a festive Memorial Day or 4th of July Headband, like this one:   Click here for step-by-step tutorial.

4thofjulyproject-300x225Use the Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler to make a Red Hat Society Headband:


Make a simple bow with ribbon sprays and attach it to a headband, like this one:


Use the Mini Bowdabra to add a bow to a soft baby headband.   Even make matching bows to attach to baby shoes!   Visit the Perfectly Ordinary Day Blog for more great baby craft projects.


An alternative to tying the bow onto the headband is to begin by placing the headband inside of the Bowdabra. Create a headband with a bow attached, all in one easy step! Sandy Sandler, inventor of the Bowdabra, demonstrates just that on this video.

The Hair Bow Tool and Ruler easily fits over the Mini Bowdabra

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