Mini Bowdabra Flower Bow Wreath

Our Bowdabra Design Team loves Mini Bowdabra Flower Bows! Several days ago, we provided you with a tutorial on how to make flower bows. flowerbow_7-150x150Today we use those flower bows to make a gorgeous summertime wreath! We started with a plain grapevine wreath, added a few floral picks, and finished it with beautiful brightly colored ribbon flower bows.

We first began by cutting grosgain ribbon petals and green grosgrain ribbon leaves to make our flower bows. We cut the ribbon at a point and sealed it with clear nail polish.


Next, using our Mini Bowdabra we began to create ribbon flowers with beaded centers. For information and a tutorial on how to make our flower bows please click here.


We made a total of 8 flowers. You may either leave the Bowdabra Bow Wire, to tie them onto the grapevine wreath or trim the wire away from the flowers and hot glue them onto the grapevine wreath.


Next, we added some floral picks to our grapevine wreath. Sarah Forhan, our Head Bowdabra Designer, purchased these picks at a yard sale several years ago. We thought they were cute but they had been dulled by the sun, had some cracking, and were a little plain.


To add life and color to our wreath we attached our Mini Bowdabra Flower Bows in between each floral pick.


The wreath exudes, “Summer Fun”, it is vibrant and full of life and would look perfect in your home…


or on your front door…

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