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How to Make a Diaper Wreath

A baby shower decoration that can also be used once the baby is born- awesome! I designed this decorativediaperwreath_final-300x225 diaper wreath so that it can easily be taken apart after the shower and the infant diapers can be used. Diapers are so expensive it seems a shame to waste even one.

Materials Needed:

* 14 inch green metal wreath form
* asst color baby pacifier beads
* 6 in pink tulle
* Bowdabra
* Bowdabra Silver Bow Wire or Yellow Curling Ribbon
* 2.5 inch pink sheer organza ribbon
* Infant diapers


1. Begin by gathering all your materials you will need for this project. All of the materials can easily be purchased at Consumer Crafts, except for the infant diapers. Chose size 1 infant diapers, pay close attention to the design of the diapers. You don’t want any colors and designs that will clash with your wreath theme.

2. Next, cut a piece of either Bowdabra Bow Wire or curly ribbon about 36”³ long and fold it in half and place it into the center of the Bowdabra. I chose to use curling ribbon because I though the yellow would stand out more on the wreath but Bowdabra Wire will work just, as well.


3. Place the 6”³ tulle down into the center of the Bowdabra in an accordion like fashion. You will need approximately 36”³ of tulle.


4. Cut the ribbon away from the ribbon spool and scrunch down with your Bowdabra Wand. Next, thread the two ends of the curling ribbon through the loop that was formed when you folded it in half.


5. Pull the curling ribbon tightly and lift the bow out of the Bowdabra. Bring the curling ribbon around the back of the bow and tie.


6. Tie the tulle bow to the center of the metal wreath frame.


7. Fold an infant diaper by bringing the top to the center and the bottom to the center. Tie the diaper in place with curling ribbon.


8. Attach the cute little pacifier beads to the curling ribbon. Next, run scissors over the curling ribbon to make it curl. Or when using the Bowdabra Bow Wire just twist the wire around a pencil, it holds its shape easily.


9. Make several of these diaper bows and attach them to the metal wreath.


10. Lastly, using the Bowdabra make a large loopy bow and attach it to the top of the Baby Shower Diaper Wreath.


This diaper wreath is very easy to make and even easier to take apart. After the baby shower just cut away either the curling ribbon or Bowdabra Bow Wire and diapers are ready to use.

This craft tutorial was originally posted at Crafts Unleashed by Sarah Forhan. Visit Crafts Unleashed for other great tutorials by Sarah Forhan and the Crafts Unleashed Design Team.

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