Halloween Kids Craft: Hanging Spooky Spiders

Decorate your windows and doors with hanging spooky spiders. Children will have lots of making this simple Halloween kids Halloween Kids Craftcraft. My kids love decorating our home with their own crafts. I try to always include some of their crafts and artwork in my home decor. I save some of their crafts year after year and I know they enjoy when I pull out some of their previous year’s artwork. Seeing their old work brings back memories and allows them to see their creative growth from the previous year.

Materials Needed for this Craft:

  • Black Sparkle Foam
  • Buttons
  • Adhesive
  • Darice Large Pipe Cleaners
  • White Pom Pom
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon-to-Bead, yarn, or string


1. Begin by cutting out a foam circle. Use the rim of a cup or a juice lid to create your circle. Hole punch along the sides for the legs and one for threading the ribbon through.

Craft Supplies

2. Use two large Darice pipe cleaners.

Halloween Crafts

3. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and then thread it through two holes to form two legs.

Kids Crafts for Halloween

4. Attach 3 more pipe cleaners (half size) the same way.

5. Cut a smaller foam circle and collect two buttons.

6. Attach the circle and buttons using adhesive to the top of the spider’s body. Shape the pipe cleaner legs.

7. Using glue or adhesive adhere a pom pom to the spider’s body.

8. Unroll ribbon-to-bead to attach to the spider or use thread or yarn.

9. Hang the spider with the ribbon in the window, wall, or even on a door knob.


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