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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Painted Gift Boxes

One of my all time favorite Christmas activities, is gift wrapping. Growing up my mother always hated wrapping presents, so sheChristmas Gift Wrapping Ideas would let me help. We would put Christmas music on and start wrapping in green, red, and gold. This is where the inspiration for my project today came from.

I love how you can always find white clothes boxes for really cheap at Christmas time. They are sold at dollar stores everywhere.

Well I am going to show you a quick way to spruce up those white boxes and have them tree worthy for Christmas.

Here is what you need for this project:
White clothes boxes – any size
acrylic paints in red and green
2 dixie cups
2 plastic bowls
Bowdabra Wire
Gold Sheer Wired Ribbon


1. Put a little bit of green paint in a plastic bowl. Just enough to cover the bottom.

Make Painted Gift Boxes

2. Dip your dixie cup in the bottom of the bowl.

Create Bowdabra Painted Gift Boxes


3. Use the rim of the cup to stamp your plain white gift box.

Christmas Gift Wrapping boxes


4. Next, add red paint to a bowl and dip the rim of the cup in to the paint.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


5. Stamp red circles with paint along the gift box.

Christmas Gift Wrapping tutorial

6. Allow the paint dry for about 20 minutes.

Handmade Christmas Gift Wrapping

7. Once the paint is dry place gift inside of gift box. Wrap ribbon the box top and bottom.

Beautiful Christmas Gift Wrapping

8. To make the gift box bow: Cut 24? of Bowdabra Bow Wire. Fold the wire and place it into your Bowdabra.

Gorgeous Christmas Gift Wrapping

9. Begin making your Bow. Place your ribbon into the Bowdabra. Begin with a long tail. Fold and twist your first loop into the Bowdabra. Continue folding and twisting loops on either side of the Bowdabra, until you have created the size bow you like. I went with a smaller one this time it is not as poofy as some. Then knot your ribbon wire and remove from the Bowdabra. Wrap more gold wire ribbon around your bow and tie underneath. Add your bow, by tying it on with leftover Bowdabra wire.

Cute Christmas Gift Wrapping

10. And now you have a tree worthy, home-made wrapped, Christmas present.

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