Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Bowdabra Bow Wire and Buttons

Use Bowdabra Bow Wire and buttons for a simple and unique way to jazz-up a holiday gift. I love buttons and I am always lookingChristmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for ways to use them. Attaching a strand of buttons across the Christmas package creates a simple and elegant look.

Materials Needed:


1. Begin with a gift wrapped package. For helpful hints on gift wrapping visit our gift wrapping tutorial: Basic Tips for Gift Wrapping Like a Pro


2. Collect color complementing buttons and Bowdabra Bow Wire.

how to wrap christmas gifts with button


3. Cut two strands of Bowdabra Bow Wire long enough to fit completely around your gift package with plenty of extra for tying a bow.

wrap christmas gifts with button


4. Thread the buttons onto the two strands of Bowdabra Bow Wire.

diy christmas crafts

5. Thread the Bowdabra Bow Wire on the other side so that the wire meets in the middle at a center button.

gift wrap for christmas


6. Knot the wire and form a simple bow. Using a pencil create fun ringlets with the Bowdabra Bow Wire tails.

christmas gift wrapping ideas


7. The gift wrapping is complete and ready to be given as a present.

personalised christmas gifts

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