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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift: Handmade Candlesticks and Candle Holders

The Bowdabra Blog shares several tutorials for making handmade Thanksgiving hostess gifts. Show your host and hostess how handmade candlestick and candle holdersmuch you appreciate their hospitality with handmade gifts. Design these easy to make candlesticks and candle holders to give as a gift this Thanksgiving.

Materials Needed:

  • Roll of craft Aluminum
  • Etching Tool (a picture nail will work, as well)
  • Tapered Candles
  • Unfinished Candle Holders
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Roll of Sequins
  • Double-sided Tape or Glue Dots
  • Tacky Glue


1. Begin with a roll of craft aluminum. Cut the aluminum into two thin strips. Helpful Hint: Craft aluminum is easy to cut I used regular scissors.

how to make a handmade candlesticks


2. Using an etching tool or even a regular picture nail, etch a pattern into the aluminum.

make a handmade candlesticks


3. Wrap the aluminum around the tapered candles. Use either double-sided tape or Glue Dots to hold the aluminum in place. Helpful Hint: A hot glue gun will not work it will just melt the finish of the candle.

how to make handmade candle holders


4. Paint unfinished candle holders using acrylic paint.

make homemade candle holders


5. I painted the candle holders a dark color and used several coats of paint.

diy homemade candle holders

6. Once the candle holders are dry use tacky glue to attach a string of sequins around the top and bottom of the candle holders. This is an optional step but the sequins are an inexpensive way to add a little pizzazz.

diy candlestick holders

7. Complete the candle holders by inserting the candlesticks.

how to make thanksgiving hostess gifts

8. Hostess can display candle sticks on the Thanksgiving table or on a side table. To learn how to make the handmade frame in the picture below click here.

diy thanksgiving hostess gifts

For more about the designer of this craft tutorial click here….


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