Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands

Add holiday lollipop wands to children’s Christmas presents. Instead of a bow, design and make ribbon wands and attach themHoliday Ribbon Lollipop Wands to a front of a present. Follow our easy Bowdabra Blog tutorial with step-by-step instructions for making holiday ribbon lollipop wands. Ribbon wands are a fun and unique way to dress-up a Christmas gift.

Materials Needed (one wand):

  • dowel
  • 3/8? Ribbon
  • 7/8? Grosgrain Pastel Green Ribbon
  • 7/8? Grosgrain Red Ribbon
  • 7/8? Grosgrain White Ribbon
  • Hot Glue


1. Begin by collecting the materials you will need. The materials listed are for one holiday ribbon lollipop. Design several ribbon lollipops to adorn holiday presents.

Create Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


2. Wrap ribbon around a wooden dowel use hot glue to hold it in place.

Make Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


3. Cut three ribbon strands about 1.5yards long. Hot glue the ends and start to braid them.

Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands tutorial


4. Braid the strands together and hold it in place by hot gluing the ends together.

Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands Ideas


5. Using hot glue start to roll the braided strand.

Beautiful Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


6. Roll the entire braided strand together and hot glue the end in place.

Handmade Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


7. Hot glue the ribbon wrapped dowel onto the back of the ribbon lollipop.

Gorgeous Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


8. Make several ribbon lollipops to attach them to holiday gift.

Cute Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


9. Add ribbon streamers to the lollipops.

Design Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


10. Gift wrap a holiday present. For more information on how to gift wrap like a professional click here.

Christmas Holiday Ribbon Lollipop Wands


11. Attach ribbon around the gift package. Insert the holiday ribbon lollipop wands between the ribbon and the gift package.

Christmas Gift Wrapping wands

For more information about the designer of the tutorial click here….


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