Bowdabra Ornaments: Christmas Glass Ornaments with Vinyl Letters & Stickers

I love decorating our Christmas tree with glass ornaments. However, I’ve never seen an ornament with my name on it. Personalize How to make Christmas Glass Ornamentsyour Christmas tree with these adorable and easy christmas glass ornaments by using vinyl letters and stickers.


Snowflake Rain dots (self-adhesive accents)
Vinyl Letters
Mini Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow Wire
White Wired Ribbon

1. First, look around your home and find ornaments that need a little TLC. Find one for each member of your family. Place vinyl letters neatly onto the ornament. You could do your whole name, initials or nickname. Next, place self-adhesive snowflake stickers onto your ornament. I used dark blue ornaments, white vinyl letters and white self-adhesive snowflake stickers.

christmas decorations bows
2. Cut 20 inches of Bowdabra Wire, fold in half, and place in the Mini Bowdabra.

christmas bows for wreaths
3. Place the white wired ribbon in the Bowdabra and create 2-3 loops on each side. I used the Fold Bow method.

how to make a simple bow for a wreath
4. Scrunch the ribbon down with the Bowdabra wand to tighten your bow and tie the bow wire. Next, pull your bow from the Bowdabra and tie on the opposite side.
5. Tie your bow onto the ornament and use the remaining wire to hang onto your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

Craft Christmas Decor

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