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Little Girl’s Valentine’s Day Purse, Hair Bow, and Bracelet Gift Set

Design a Valentine’s Day little girl’s purse, hair bow, and ribbon bracelet set.handmade little girl’s purse

Using stiff felt and Fabri-tac I have been creating little girl’s purses for several years, now. The stiff felt is really easy to work with and by adding a Bowdabra hair bow and a ribbon bracelet it is the perfect little girl’s gift set.


  • Pink Stiff Craft Felt
  • Craft Boa
  • Ribbon-to-Bead
  • Plastic Heart Beads
  • Heart Bobbin Ribbon
  • Fabri-TacGlue or Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole Puncher


1. Begin by making the purse pattern. The front and back of the purse pattern template is 8” X 7”, the two pattern sides are 4” by 7”, and the bottom pattern is 8” X 5”.

Valentine’s Day Purse with Hair Bow2. Using your pattern cut the purse pieces out. Then using a ruler bend just two sides of the front and back .5”. At the bottom bend all four sides and clip the edges.

Make Valentine’s Day Purse


3. Using Fabri-Tac Glue or hot glue attach the front and back to the bottom of the purse.Create Valentine’s Day Purse

4. Allow the glue to dry.

Beautiful Bracelet Gift Set

5. Glue both sides to form the purse.Bowdabra hair bow
6. Hole punch two holes on each side for the purse handles.

How to make Valentine’s Day Purse


7. Using a pink sheer ribbon to bead” (ribbon with wire needle at the end), thread the ribbon through the first hole.

little girl’s purses


8. Knot the end of the ribbon. Attach heart beads to the ribbon to form the handle.

Make little girl’s purses


9. Thread the ribbon through the other hole and knot the end. Attach a ribbon with beads handle on the other side.

Handmade little girl’s purses



10. Using Fabri-Tac Glue or hot glue attach craft boa at the top of the purse. Glue a small piece of ribbon at the front of the purse. This will be used to attach a hair clip.

gorgeous little girl’s purse


11. Create a matching Valentine’s Hair Bow to clip to the front of the purse. Instructions for the hair bow are found here.

little girl’s purses with hair bow


12. Use the left over Ribbon-to-Bead to create a matching bracelet.


13. Your finished purse, hair bow, and bracelet Valentine’s Day gift set is complete.

DIY Little Girl’s Valentine’s Day Purse


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