Bowdabra Feature Friday: Week 2

Thank you for making Bowdabra Feature Friday such a success last week. We are thrilled to share our Bowdabra finds for week 2. Bowdabra Feature Friday is a culmination of the amazing projects we shared during the week on our Bowdabra blog, Sandy Sandler’s StumbleUpon Account, Bowdabra Pinterest, Sandy Sandler Pinterest, Bowdabra Twitter, and Bowdabra Facebook.

This weeks Bowdabra Blog projects:

DIY Decorations Gifts Ideas for Valentine's Day

  • How to Make a Ribbon Wreath – Add ribbon loops to a grapevine wreath for a beautiful Valentine wreath.
  • Valentine Grapevine Wreath – Learn how adding a Bowdabra Bow and feathers to a heart grapevine wreath can create a sophisticated Valentine Door Wreath. Bowdabra Designer, Katie made the wreath in less than 20 minutes.
  • Woven Ribbon Hearts – Follow the step-by-step tutorial for making woven ribbon hearts. Use the ribbon hearts for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and hair bow centers.
  • Valentine Hair Bow – Create a multiple layer hair bow with a woven ribbon center.
  • Valentine Home Decor for Less – Recycle a frame or purchase an inexpensive one from the Dollar Store to create a unique home decor Valentine decoration

To view each project please click on the link in the descriptions above.

Featured Friday Finds:

Heart wreath Gifts decoration by Bow tool

  • Valentine Glow in the Dark Bandana – Katie of shares a tutorial for making your pooch a glow-in-the-dark bandana. Great for when you let your dog out at night and want to keep track of them. We here at Bowdabra are big animal lovers! We “heart” pet crafts!
  • Paper Heart Wreath – Danielle of Blissful and Domestic shows how to make a paper heart wreath. This looks like a perfect afternoon craft with the kiddos!
  • “A” is for Adorable – The Crafty Butterfly Blog has an amazing collection of cards on her website. She used the Mini Bowdabra to add little bow embellishments to her cards. Adorable!!
  • Amish Friendship Bread Cake Pops – Susie QT Pies shows how adding a simple ribbon to baked goods can really make them pop! Love the new trend we are seeing of food and ribbon combos!
  • Valentine Card – Crafty Tess shares her Valentine’s Day card project on her blog. She finished the card with a Bowdabra bow. It was the first Bowdabra bow she had ever made. We are so happy that she is enjoying the Mini Bowdabra for card making.

To view each project please click on the link in the descriptions above.

Thank you, bloggers, for your wonderful projects. It was our pleasure to share them and pass the links along to our Bowdabra Readers. Below is a Feature Friday badge if you would like to add it to your blog. To add the badge to your blog’s sidebar copy and paste the html inside of the source code. (omit: [sourcecode language=”html”] & [/sourcecode] when copying and pasting)

Crafting projects with Bowdabra Bow tool.

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