Susie of SusieQTPies Joins Bowdabra Design Team

Food and ribbon my favorite combo! I love food, I love ribbon, and when they come together watch out!

I have been visiting Susie of Susie QT Pies Scraps of Life and enjoying her daily blog posts. I recently came across a post that we actually featured on our Feature Friday last week. Susie made Amish Friendship Cake Pops and when photographing the dessert she added a red polka-dot ribbon. Genius! The red ribbon really stands out and just adds to the overall appeal of the dessert!

I contacted Susie and asked if she would share more recipes with our readers and add ribbons and bows to the final presentation. To my delight she said YES! We are both so excited to share with the Bowdabra Blog readers ways to add ribbons and bows to food dishes.

Please welcome Susie to our Bowdabra Design Team and stay tuned for some amazing ribbon and food combo tutorials.

Looking for recipe ideas – I invite you to visit Susie’s blog. I especially love her dessert recipes!

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Muffins/Bread. Yummy!!


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