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Lovely Wall Hanging for St. Patty’s Day

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with an adorable painted burlap sign. Burlap is popular choice when creating a rustic art piece. Bowdabra Designer, Amanda of The Little Giggler designs a beautiful wall hanging combining both burlap and felt for a sturdy, long lasting, classic St. Patrick’s Day wall hanging.


Materials Needed:
10? x 14? piece of Burlap
9? x 12? piece of Felt
Wood Dowel
Fabric Paint
Sponge Brush
9? x 12? piece of wax paper
Razor Blade or Cutting Machine
Letter Stencils
Cutting Mat



1. Cut the wax paper the same size as the felt and set aside.


2. Hot glue the felt to the burlap, leaving 1.5 inches at the top and .5 inches at the sides and bottom. This will keep the burlap from looking uneven or unraveling over time.


3. Trim the sides and bottom of the burlap to match the felt. Leave 1.5? of burlap on the top.


4. Place the wood dowel at the top of the felt.


5. Fold the burlap over the wood dowel and glue to the felt. Let it dry completely.


6. Tape your wax paper to the cutting mat with the shiny side down and trace your stencils. You can also cut with a cutting machine. (If you’re using a Cricut apply the wax paper to the mat with the shiny side up, use the “flip” setting, and type your words backwards.)


7. Carefully trace your stencils with the razor blade. Make sure you save the middles of the “A”s and “P”s.


8. Set your iron to a low setting with no steam. Iron your wax paper (shiny side down) to your burlap.


9. Using the sponge brush, dab the fabric paint on all the letters. Make sure to stay in the lines. Allow the paint to dry completely. Using your razor blade as help, gently peel off the wax paper. Tie your twine to each side of the wood dowel.


Now lets add a bow to make it pop!

Grab your supplies and the Bowdabra!

Materials Need for Bow:
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun


1. Cut a 24” piece of Bowdabra bow wire and fold it in half. Lay it into the Bowdabra. You’ll have a loop at one end and two loose pieces at the opposite end.


2. Take the end of the sheer ribbon and place it into the Bowdabra.


3. Fold the ribbon to make a loop. This is the beginning of your first loop.


4. Repeat the step above. You’ll now have multiple loops on each side of the Bowdabra. Continue to create as many loops as you desire.


5. Once you have achieved your desired ribbon width scrunch down the ribbon with the Bowdabra wand.


6. While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the Bowdabra bow wire through the loop at the other end. Pull the bow wire tightly while the bow is still in the Bowdabra.


7. Gently pull the bow out of the Bowdabra. Separate the two loose ends of the bow wire and bring them around to the back of the bow to tie off.


8. Use the bow wire to attach the bow to the twine.


9. Fluff and shape the bow.


10. Finish and hang!

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