Kids Crafts Ideas for this 4th of July

Celebrate Independence Day with these fun kids craft ideas. July 4th is just a few days away and these patriotic kid crafts are easy to make at the last minute!

Kids Crafts Ideas for 4th of July

Patriotic Firecracker Party Favors – Children can help make these chalk party favors that everyone will surely love. We purchase chalk and patriotic garland from the Dollar Store and finished them with Bobbin Ribbon and a Mini Bowdabra Bow.

Patriotic Firecracker for Independence Day

Patriotic Firecracker Supplies

Patriotic Firecracker Party Favors

Patriotic Firecracker Party Favors











4th of July Sun Visor – Create a patriotic kids sun visor; perfect for 4th of July parades, Independence Day picnics, a day at the beach before a night of fireworks, or just some fun in the sun! We found our sun visor at the Dollar Store and then embellished it with Morex Bobbin Ribbon and finished with a ruffled ribbon removable hair bow.

Children's Sun Visor for 4th of July

Children’s Sun Visor

Patriotic Sun Visor with Bowdabra bow

Finish with a Removable Ruffle Bow











4th of July Firecracker Kabobs – They are super easy and no cooking is required which makes them perfect for kids to help with! We purchase already made Rice Krispy Treats (or you can make your own) to make it a 30 minute or less crafty treat.

4th of July Firecracker Kabobs

Firecracker Kabobs by Bowdabra Designer Susie


4th of July Windsock – This decoration looks wonderful in any window or on your front porch. The wind catches this ornamental patriotic windsock firecracker and sends it spinning in red, white, and blue delight!! Directions below for making this easy 4th of July kids craft.

4th of July Windsock

4th of July Windsock by Sarah Forhan

Things You’ll Need:

* Quakers Oats Cylinder
* Blue Poster Board
* Red and White Construction paper
* Curling Ribbon (red, white, and blue)
* Tape
* Glue
* Scissors
* Hole Puncher


1. Remove the cap and cut off the underneath of a Quaker Oats Container.
2. Cut a blue piece of poster board to fit the entirety of the Quaker Oats Container. Tape the poster board to the container.
3. Draw different sized stars on red and white construction paper. Cut out the stars and glue them on to the blue poster board.
4. Hole punch the bottom of the Quaker Oats Container (the end without the plastic rim). The bottom of the container is the top of your firecracker. Evenly space 6 holes around the bottom rim of the container.
5. Tie one end of curling ribbon inside one hole, tie the other end of ribbon to the opposite hole. Use all six holes and all three colors of ribbon.
6. Once ribbons have been strung, combine them at the top and tie a ribbon around them. This will form the loop that easily allows you to hang the firecracker.
7. With the remaining curling ribbon make your firecracker tails. Cut ribbon strips about 24 to 36 inches in length. Bundle the ribbon and tie a knot at the top (about 8 ribbon strands to a bundle). Tape each bundle to the underneath of your firecracker (above the plastic rim).
8. Hang on a porch or in a window.

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