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Birthday Gifts or Favors: Necklace and Bug Hair Clips

Birthday NecklaceCreate a beautiful necklace and bug clips as a birthday gift for your daughter’s birthday party. These would make great favors for her friends to take home and enjoy. The best part is that you could do any color to match the birthday’s theme.

Materials Needed:

  • Pink Sheer Ribbon-to-Bead
  • Assorted Beads
  • Glue gun
  • 3/8″ Green Grosgrain ribbon
  • 3/8″ Satin Polka dot ribbon
  • Single prong clips
  • Scissors
  • Matches

1. Begin by removing the pink sheer ribbon-to-bead from its spool.

Pink Sheer Ribbon


2. Gather assorted beads and arrange them to see how the layout would look.

Assorted Beads


3. Using the wire needle that is attached to the ribbon-to-bead begin to thread the the middle bead onto the ribbon so that it is in the exact middle.

Ribbon Wire


4. Tie a knot on each end of the bead to hold it into place.

Silver Bead


5. Thread your next bead on the ribbon and tie a knot directly on the other side. Now do the same on the other side of the bead. Continue with the process so that you thread one side and then the other. I used seven beads.

Silver bead


6. After the last bead is placed on the ribbon, cut the ribbon so that each end is exactly the same as the other end. Seal the
ribbon ends with clear nail polish to keep them from fraying. Set aside.

Pink Ribbon


7. Next, cut a 6 ½” piece of green grosgrain ribbon and burn each end. Carefully, glue to a single prong clip.

Grosgrain Ribbon Tutorial


8. Cut a 3” and 4” piece of polka dot ribbon. Take the smaller piece and apply a glue dot to one end. Place other end on top and press down. Take the 4” piece and glue one end to the top of the smaller piece. Take other end and wrap around to the front of the loop. Glue onto the top.

Birthday Ideas


9. Cut a 2” piece of black grosgrain ribbon. Glue to the front of the loops.

Loopy Ribbon


10. Glue each end of the black ribbon to the back of the loops. You should have two triangles in the back.

Knot Ribbon


11. Burn the end of a piece of black grosgrain ribbon and cut two thin pieces.

Grosgrain Ribbon



12. Glue antennas to the back of the loops. Next, glue the bugs head to the end of the clip. Enjoy!

Bug ClipsNecklace and Bug Hair Clip Collage

Necklace and Bug hair Clips

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