Sophisticated Birthday Party Lollipop Favors

Design sophisticated birthday party favors that are sure to impress guests. Using the Mini Bowdabra and scor-pal create the elegant lollipop favors. Lollipops, you say? Yes! Use gourmet lollipops and gorgeous cardstock and embellishments to assemble these truly unique and posh birthday party treats.

Materials Needed:


1. Begin by cutting scrapbooking paper to measure 2 ¼ x 6 ½ inch. With the 6 ½ inch on top of your scor-pal score at ½ – 2 ¼ inch.

Birthday Party Favors


2. Rotate the paper and repeat scoring.

Birthday Party Favors


3. Place scor-tape along the top fold edge. Leave the paper backing on.

Birthday Party Favors


4. Fold the paper to look like the below photo.

Birthday Party Favors


5. Put the candy in the middle, remove the scor-pal tape paper backing, and put it together.

Birthday Party Favors


6. Decorate your party favors by adding a sheer ribbon Mini Bowdabra bow and more.

Birthday Party Favors by Kitty Franken, The Netherlands


For more about the designer click here….

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