Halloween Ribbon Necklaces with Drinking Straw Beads

Paper drinking straws when cut can make very pretty beads. I found Halloween paper drinking straws at my local craft store. The paper straws were very durable they did not unravel at all. I cut the straws into 3/4″ beads and then used Ribbon-to-Bead to design simple kids Halloween ribbon necklaces. Morex Ribbon-to-Bead comes with a wire needle attached to make beading a cinch!

Materials Needed:

  • Halloween Paper Drinking Straws
  • Morex Ribbon-to-Bead
  • Black and White Micro Dots
  • Gold Taffeta
  • Black Taffeta
  • Halloween Embellishments


1. Begin with Halloween paper drinking straws.

Paper drinking straws


2. Cut the paper drinking straws to form beads. I cut the beads to be 3/4″ long.

DIY Ribbon Necklaces


3. Use the Ribbon-to-Bead to thread paper beads onto the ribbon.

DIY Jewelry Ideas


4. Unroll the Ribbon-to-Bead from the spool. Use the wire needle to thread the paper beads onto the ribbon. Knot the ribbon to keep the beads in place.

Bowdabra Bow wire


5. Once your pattern is complete knot the end and trim away excess ribbon.

DIY Ribbon crafts


6. To make the necklace charms glue a small piece of the Ribbon-to-Bead on the back of the embellishment.

Halloween Jewelry


7. Fold the ribbon to the back of the charm to form a loop and hot glue it in place.

Necklace Charms


8. Follow the instructions to make several necklaces.

Beautiful Necklace Charms


9. These Halloween ribbon necklaces are inexpensive to make and you can make several different ones. Best of all kids can even help!

Halloween ribbon necklaces


10. Give these Halloween ribbon necklaces with drinking straw beads as party favors or for Trick-or-Treating.

Halloween Paper Drinking Straws

Easyu DIY Fun


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