Ribbon and Bead Bracelet with Shamrock Charm {Part 3}

Welcome! If you have been following, along our latest craft tutorial was done in three parts. This fashionable St. Patrick’s Day ribbon and bead bracelet with shamrock charm is relatively easy to make it just requires several steps to complete.

Fashionable Mother’s Day Ribbon and Bead Bracelet

Begin, at part 1 and learn how to make a beautiful beaded bracelet using ribbon and pearl beads!

Next, visit part 2 where we make a classic satin bow using the Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool & Ruler and jewelry wire. This amazing bow (made in few simple steps) can easily be attached to a charm using the 24 gauge jewelry wire.

To finish your beaded bracelet use a jump ring to attach the charm with bow to your handmade beaded ribbon bracelet.

Handmade Beaded Bracelet Gifts for Mom

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