Welcome Our Newest Bowdabra Design Team Member: Crystal

I am excited to share with you our newest Bowdabra Design Team Member, Crystal! Crystal blogs over at Crystal’s Ramblings which is a mixture of scrapbooking, crafts for her etsy shop, bento lunches as well as crafts and kid activities.

Hairbow Holder or Organizer with Blue Owl and Flowers by ETSY Store RedPoppyCrafts

Crystal has been featured on our blog in the past from her linking up projects in our Crafty Showcase. Here is her adorable Hairbow Holder or Organizer with Blue Owl and Flowers from her ETSY Store, RedPoppyCrafts. What an adorable way to organized hair bows! So cute. Besides this organizer, she has a lot of other items in her store and she will even personalize them for you!

Here is one of her Spring Bento Lunches which she created for her kiddos.


Spring Bento Box by Crystal's Ramblings

For more about Crystal in her own words visit her Bowdabra Design Team Page where you can find out more and follow all her social media sites.

Be sure to check out our Bowdabra Blog in the afternoon for a round up of St. Patrick’s Day Crafty Recipes which will include some of Crystal’s.


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