Kids Craft: Bandana Frames with Mini Bowdabra Bows

Design these easy to make bright and cheery bandana frames with Mini Bowdabra bows. My daughter and I had so much fun making these frames by recycling cardboard from snack boxes. When then decoupaged the frames with bandana fabric and finished with a pretty Mini Bowdabra bow.

We will use these cool DIY frames to showcase pictures from my little gals recent school musical – Wild, Wild, West!

Materials Needed:


1. Begin by using cardboard from snack boxes. Cut out the frame sizes you would like. Next, if the packaging is brightly colored you may want to paint it white so that it doesn’t show through the fabric.


2. Next, using Mod Podge cover the frames in bandana fabric.


3. Use tacky glue to add ribbon strands to the top and bottom of the frame.


4. To make the bows for the frames place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra. Cut 18″ of Bowdabra Bow Wire fold it in half and place it into the Mini Bowdabra.


5. Cut 10″ of 3/8″ stitched grosgrain ribbon, fold the ribbon in half to create a crease. At the crease mark press the ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra.


6. Fold the ribbon at the 1″ mark for your first loop.


7. Fold a matching loop on the other side.


8. Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra wand.


9. Thread the two ends of the wire through the loop.


10. Pull the wire tightly.


11. Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra and bring it around to the back and knot.


12. Bring the wire back to the front and attach a button. Tie the button with the Bowdabra Bow Wire and trim way excess.


13. Glue the bow to the frame.


14. Make several bows for the frames.

For more about the designer click here…

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