Always and Forever Bridal Picture Frame with Bowdabra Bow

I love decorating my own home with family pictures and decorative frames! I thought a picture frame would be the perfect bridal shower or wedding gift! Using a wooden frame I decoupaged bridal cardstock using Mod Podge. I am so pleased with how this “Always and Forever” bridal picture frame with Bowdabra bow turned out!Bridal Frame

Materials Needed:

  • Unfinished Wooden Frame by Plaid
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Thin width satin ribbon
  • Bridal Themed Ribbon
  • Bridal and Wedding Themed Cardstock
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra Bow Wire
  • Hair Bow Tool & Ruler
  • Hot Glue
  • Bridal Charm
  • 4 Pearl Beads


1. Begin by gathering all the materials you will need for this project.

bridal craft supplies


2. Using Mod Podge decoupage cardstock onto the frame. Add “Always and Forever” cardstock inside of the frame. Gift recipient can leave it, as is. Or add a wedding photo to the frame.

wooden picture frame


3. To make a bow for the frame place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra. Cut 12″ of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half. Place the wire into the Mini Bowdabra.

4. Place the end of the thin width ribbon at the 2″ mark.

Black Ribbon Online


5. Fold a loop at the 1.5″ mark.

loopy ribbon online


6. Continue folding and pressing the loops at the 1.5″ mark.

wedding craft ideas


7. Trim the ribbon from the spool at the 2″ mark. Press down with the Mini Bowdabra Bow Wand.

8. Thread the ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop.

Mini Bowdabra Bow


9. Pull the wire tightly.

10. Bring the wire around to the back of the bow and tie.

Bowdabra Bow wire


11. Attach a bridal charm to the bow using the Bow Wire.

12. Attach bridal themed ribbon onto the bottom and top of the frame. String small pearl beads to the bottom of the wire and knot. Hot glue the Mini Bowdabra Bow to the frame.

Bridal Picture Frame


13. Your frame will make the perfect bridal shower or wedding gift!


DIY wedding gift

Perfect Bow Tutorial

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