Happy First Father’s Day Onesie

Celebrate dad’s first Father’s Day with a handmade Happy First Father’s Day onesie! Purchase iron-on letters and a iron-on appliques to make a unique baby’s onesie. Create a matching infant hair bow attached to a soft crocheted baby headband.

We invite you to follow our Bowdabra Blog step-by-step tutorial to make this great gift just in time for Father’s Day!

Materials Needed:


1. Begin by gathering all the materials you will need to make the onesie with matching bow.


2. Follow the manufacturers instructions for ironing on letters and appliques.


3. Either purchase or crochet a baby headband. I used this tutorial to make my headband. I stopped crocheting when the headband stretched 14″. I then stitched it to form a circle. To make the bow for the headband place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra. Cut 18″ of yarn and fold it in half. Place the yarn into the Mini Bowdabra. (I am using yarn instead of wire so that it will be soft against the baby’s head.)


4. Press the ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra to create a 2″ tail.


5. Fold and press the loops at the 1.5″ mark.


6. Continue to make multiple loops. Once you have enough loops cut the ribbon at the 2″ mark for a matching tail.


7. Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.


8. Take the two ends of the yarn and thread them through the loop.


9. Pull the yarn tightly.


10. Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra and knot the yarn in the back of the bow.


11. Fluff the bow. Use the yarn to tie the bow to headband. Trim away excess yarn.


12. Your little one can wear her Happy First Father’s Day outfit to celebrate dad’s special day!

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