Bowdabra Crafty Showcase {April 26}

Welcome to our weekly Crafty Showcase! We love getting inspired by all of the projects shared with us each week. Yesterday we featured 10 Fun Crafts for Spring which also included recycled and upcycled projects. Take a look at them and maybe you will get inspired to craft this weekend.

Saturday Crafty Showcase

The crafty showcase runs Saturday morning through Thursday noon. So stop in throughout the week and see what has been shared.
We will share some of your projects on our social media channels. Anything goes! If you do have any projects made with the Bowdabra and Mini Bowdabra, please share them, too.
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Bowdabra Blog Crafty Showcase
  • Link up craft projects, recipes and anything fun!
  • If you have a Bowdabra or Mini Bowdabra, share those projects,too!
  • How about Mothers Day, Summer fun crafts, ideas and recipes or even wedding and baby shower ideas?

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16 thoughts on “Bowdabra Crafty Showcase {April 26}

  • George N

    wow! Your weekend looks fun! It encourages people to be more creative. BTW I saw the tshirt fashion tutorials on 10 fun crafts for spring and I think their inspiring to make one of those. Girls should definitely see that tutorial.

  • Jillian Hudson

    Thanks for hosting! I shared my hummus bites which are great vegan and allergy-friendly appetizers. I also shared caramelized popcorn substitute, another allergy-friendly party treat that’s now corn-free and gluten-free. Enjoy!

  • RUSS

    I visited some of the pages and my favorites were:
    1) Four Ways to Get to Know Yourself ( did all the tests )
    2) Origami Box ( bookmarked for future use, but I’m gonna use my own artwork )

  • Natalie

    oooo another awesome linkup, I will have to bookmark this or just add it to my linkup page on my blog. I haven’t made any crafts yet, though I need to.. I will have to skim through these links

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