{Craft Organization} Easy Craft Ribbon Storage Jar Tutorial

Bowdabra Ribbon storage JarHow do you organize your ribbon? Maybe you don’t have any specific way to organize your ribbon. I had all of my ribbon in a box and it was getting out of control. It wasn’t even fun to craft because my ribbon box was a big mess.

Here is what I did with my ribbon. I can’t stop looking at how beautiful it is and now I’m inspired to craft even more! This jar of ribbon would be a great gift idea for a friend, too!



  • All of your ribbon
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Tape

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar


1. Gather together all of your ribbon and supplies.

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

2. Find the end to one color of ribbon and tape it to the popsicle stick. Wrap the ribbon around the stick and tape again. Do this for all of your ribbon and layer in a jar. You can sort your ribbon by pattern, color, seasonal, texture, etc.

Ribbon Storage Tips

3. Here is a project I started working on once I had my ribbon organized. Doesn’t the ribbon look so neat on the popsicle stick? To use just remove the tape. When finished retape the ribbon.

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

Tutorial by Bowdabra Designer Tricia

Bowdabra Ribbon Storage Jar

Easy Craft Ribbon Storage Jar Tutorial

Ribbon Storage Jar Tutorial

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