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Easter Cross

 Handmade cherished gift for Mom

This beautiful Easter Cross wall decor by designer Pat Dought will make a cherished gift for your Mom or Grandmother.  You can change the floral embellishments to fit any decor.  The addition of Glittery tulle gives this Easter cross an airy, ethereal feel.  It would make a wonderful addition to your Easter holiday home.  It’s quick and easy to create this gorgeous Easter Cross but don’t stop there,  it makes an extra special and lasting Mother’s Day gift for all the special moms on your list.”


1.  Gather your supplies.

Mother’s Day Home Decor Ideas

2.  Using wire clippers, cut the top two orchids leaving about 1 inch of the stem. Line these up along the wood stems of the grapevine. Hot glue to the center of the cross. Be very careful when applying your glue as it may drip down between the stems.

Bowdabra bow wire

3.  Add another orchid flower head beneath the first two.

4.  Fold the bow wire in half and insert into the Bowdabra as shown.

Bowdabra bow making tool


5.  Insert the tulle into the middle of the bowdabra leaving approximately 4 inches for the tail.

Bowdabra bow maker tool


6.  Fold the tulle back and forth through the center making three 3- inch loops on both sides.

How to make a bow with bowdabra tool

7.  Make a fourth loop 1-inch long on each side. Then cut the tulle at 4 inches.

How to make bows

How do I make a bow

8.  Pull the bowdabra wire up to the top. Insert the two ends into the loop and pull together. As you pull the wire, lift the bow up and out of the tool. Turn the bow over and tie the ends.

How to make a ribbon bow

How to make a professional bow

9.  Fluff the tulle ribbon up and out to desired shape.

make boutique bows


10.  Tie the bow under the orchid bloom using the wire. Hot glue butterfly adornments to the side and top of the cross.

You can make these to match any decor or in your favorite colors. Below are two more examples.

how to make bows - Bowdabra

DIY crafts for Mom

DIY Gifts for Mother - Bowdabra

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