Adorable Easter Bonnet

Children love Easter time and what better way to celebrate Easter than to get creative and make a cute little Easter bonnet. Just like Easter eggs, Easter bonnets too are a part of the Easter celebrations. You along with your kids can create fabulous Easter bonnets by using simple craft supplies.

Watch this video as Sandy Sandler, the creator of Bowdabra, create an adorable Easter bonnet with craft supplies bought from dollar store and the Bowdabra bowmaker. This DIY project is easy and fun for kids.

If you’re facing the challenge to make an Easter bonnet, here is the creative inspiration for Easter DIY craft ideas to get you started and make a bonnet which is easy, simple and adorable.

Do you have the Bowdabra® Bow Making & Design Tool – Large – BOW1003 to make the Lovely Easter Bonnet?


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