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Mother’s Day Gift – Woven Ribbon Frame & Bows



Celebrate Mother’s Day by turning loving memories into a classic handmade gift using ribbon and bows.

I have an old picture of my aunts I want to gift to my niece, Patricia, this coming Mother’s Day.  I think she will be the one to help carry on our family history through memorabilia. I found the picture in a loose pile of family photos I inherited from my parents. It needed a frame so what better way than to make something handcrafted with ribbons and bows.

I picked up a 5×7 unfinished frame and 3/8″ ribbon at Michaels – just the sizes I needed for this project. And using my Mini Bowdabra to make cute little bows as a finishing touch, I knew the final piece would be perfect for gift-giving for Mother’s Day!

Besides a frame, you will need:
3/8″ satin ribbon
Mini Bowdabra with Ruler
Bowdabra  bow wire


1. Start by laying out your ribbon strips by covering one side of the frame in a desired color pattern at the inside edge, cutting enough to wrap around to the back and tape together.  Next, at the inside edge of the frame, begin weaving the ribbon over and under each ribbon, alternating the ribbon as you weave.  Secure the ends with tape on the back of the frame, cutting off any excess.

Mother’s Day Gifts

2.  Continue placing and weaving ribbon strips, keeping the same color pattern on each corner  section of the frame.

ribbon frame23.  Once the longer ribbon strips are woven, shorter strips of ribbon should be placed in the same color pattern and woven on the shorter sides of the frame.  For this, I laid out the ribbon strips in the color pattern, then cut them in half and then weaved the ribbon over and under, one side at a time.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Ribbon Frame4

4.  Next, do the shorter sides of the frame, the same as before, securing each strip with tape.

Ribbon Frame55.  Once finish, check the woven ribbon strips to make sure they are straight on the front.  For a neater look, the back can be covered by gluing on a piece of cardboard or fabric slightly smaller than the size of the frame but this optional.

Ribbon Frame6Your pretty woven ribbon frame is now ready to be embellished.  Add a group of swirled rhinestones, if you like .  .  .

Ribbon Frame12

.  .  .  and then make a few cute bows using your Mini Bowdabra!

Here’s how:

  • Cut an 18″ piece of Bowdabra and fold in half and place into the Mini Bowdabra and Ruler with a loop at one end and two loose wires at the opposite end, tucking the ends underneath the Bowdabra.

Ribbon Frame7

  • Make a ribbon loop, matching desired size on ruler, and press into the Mini Bowdabra.

Ribbon Frame8

  • Next fold the other side at the same width leaving the ribbon tails below loop.  Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

Ribbon Frame10

  • Thread the two loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop at the other end.  Pull the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop at the other end.  Pull the Bowdabra Bow Wire tightly while the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra.  Gently pull the bow out and tie the Bowdabra Bow Wire around to the back and knot.  Cut off excess.

Ribbon Frame11

  • Make two more cute Bowdabra Bows, for a total of three, to embellish your frame and glue in place.   Doesn’t this look like the bows are tied from the ribbon strips on the frame?

Ribbon Frame14                                                                         How cute is this?

Ribbon Frame15

                                                      I know my niece will truly cherish this gift!

Have fun this Mother’s Day creating mementos of those special occasions using ribbon and your Mini Bowdabra!

Oh, btw!  Save those ribbon scraps to make a Spikey Bow like this:

IMG_2780-001                                                                   using your Mini Bowdabra!

Happy Crafting!

Be sure and visit Bowdabra designer Gail’s blog Purple hues and me to see more of her awesome creations!


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