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Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

Breast Cancer awareness wreath

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Show your support by displaying  a beautiful “Pink Ribbon” wreath.

Decorate in honor of the fight, the advances made, the progress to come. For those that continue the fight. Think ‘Pink’ for the cure.

Make this sweet Breast Cancer Awareness wreath with this easy tutorial and Bowdabra.



  • Bowdabra bow maker
  • Bowdabra wire
  • Straw wreath form
  • 10 yards of 1 inch pink sheer wired edge ribbon
  • 2 yard cuts of 6 inch pink tulle X 2
  • 2 yard cuts of 6 inch white glitter tulle X 2
  • 2 strips 18 inch long pink flora saten ribbon
  • 1 bunch of bleached white baby’s breath
  • 2 to 3 full stems of pink silk baby’s breath
  • 1 full stem of pink sweet heart roses
  • 2 pink rose buds
  • 3 Gerbera daisies
  • Breast cancer awareness charms, key chain and pink butterfly. (Can be purchased from Oriental Trading, your local craft store and The Dollar Tree)
  1. Gather your supplies

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath


2. Glue or pin the edge of your pink ribbon to the back side of the wreath form. Wrap your ribbon overlapping 1/4 in of the previous wrap. Continue around the entire form.


3. Continue wrapping in this manner until your wreath is covered.


4. Beginning with your white baby’s breath,  select 2 inch bunches and glue to your wreath. Start your placement 2 inches from the bottom center of your wreath form. (There will be a bow in the center at the bottom.)


5. Glue  the pink baby’s breath in between and on top of the white.


6. Continue with the white and pink up the wreath form until you are 2 inches from the center of the top. Do this on both sides.



7. Clip small sections from your miniature rose stem. Insert into your wreath at various places accenting and filling in where you need to.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

8. Cut two pink rosebuds leaving a 3 inch stem.


9. Insert into the upper left of your wreath.


10. Glue the key chain to the top center of the wreath.


11. Glue bow #2 over the circle of the key chain at the center top of the wreath.

top bow

keychain 2

12. Glue bow #1 in the center of the bottom of the wreath.


13. Glue 3 pink Gerbera daisies above the bottom bow.


14. Glue the pink ribbon below the rose buds.



Bow 1

1. Put the two pieces of tulle together. Insert into bowdabra tool, leaving a 4 inch tail.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

2. Fold the tulle, forming a 3 inch loop and insert back into the bowdabra tool.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

3. Continue folding back and forth until you have two loops on each side. Finish with two,  1 and 1/2 inch loops.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

4. Draw your wires up, insert the loose ends into the loop and pull tightly.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

5. Turn your bow over and tie a knot.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

6. Gently pull the tulle apart slightly, forming and fluffing into a bow.

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

Bow 2

  • Use the same steps as the bow above with the following changes.
  • Make three, 2 and 1/2 inch loops instead of two.
  • Finish with two, 1 inch loops.
  • Trim the bow’s tail.


1. Fold over the pink aqua satin ribbon in the classic ribbon shape. Using just a dab of glue, glue in the center.

Ribbon 1

2. Glue a second strip over the first to give your ribbon depth.

Ribbon 2

3. Add rhinestone ribbon accents.

Ribbon 3

Accent 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath
Breast Cancer WreathVisit Bowdabra designer Pat at Beau Parterre Florals to view more of her exquisite floral designs


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