Great Halloween Crafts and Fun Coloring Projects

Welcome to Feature Friday Favorite Five Series! A big thank you to every craft designer and blogger for contributing to our Bowdabra Crafty Saturday Showcase. In this Feature Friday, we bring you some great Halloween crafts and fun coloring projects.

Great Halloween Crafts

Great Halloween Crafts and Fun Coloring Projects – Feature Friday

Halloween is all about the spooky fun, tricks, and the treats. Check out how to create a The Living Scarecrow that would make a fun Halloween trick and scare the living daylights out of your guests.

Mad Max Fury Road Costume

Mad Max Fury Road Costume

Get creative with Halloween costumes and try this DIY Mad Max Fury Road costume.

Recycled Newspaper Tubes Tray

Recycled Newspaper Tubes Tray/Basket

Do you like creating things out of recycle materials? If yes, then you would enjoy making Recycled Newspaper Tubes Tray/Basket. It’s a great way of using stacks of newspapers in a creative way.

Grab your markers, pencils and crayons and get started with Pirate Sugar Skull – Free Coloring Page.

Coloring is so therapeutic. Try out this lovely Free printable autumn owl tree coloring page. This coloring page has leaves of all shapes and sizes on this tree.

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