Thanksgiving candlesticks

Thanksgiving Candle Sticks

You can create these gorgeous candlesticks this Thanksgiving. Follow the easy tutorial to create these gorgeous table decorations in minutes.  They are sure to beautify your Thanksgiving table this year. Why not make an extra set to give as hostess gifts when you visit friends and relatives this holiday too! And don’t you think  a beautiful Bowdabra bow in Fall printed ribbon would be a perfect finishing touch?

Materials needed:

  • Roll of craft aluminum
  • Etching tool (A picture nail will work as well)
  • Tapered candles
  • Unfinished candleholders
  • Acrylic paint
  • Roll of sequins
  • Double-sided tape or glue dots
  • Tacky glue



  1. Begin with a roll of craft aluminum. Cut the aluminum into two thin strips. Helpful hint: Craft aluminum is easy to cut with regular scissors.

Easy to Cut Craft Aluminum

  1. Using an etching tool or nail, etch a pattern into the aluminum.

Etching Tool for Bow Making

  1. Wrap the aluminum around the tapered candles. Use either double-sided tape or glue dots to hold the aluminum in place. Note: A hot glue gun will not work.  It will just melt the finish off the candle.

 Handmade Thanksgiving Candlesticks

  1. Paint unfinished candleholders using acrylic paint.

 Thanksgiving Candlesticks & Table Decoration Ideas 

  1. Use any color you desire, the example shown is in a dark color.

 Candlesticks & Table Decoration tutorials

  1. Complete the candleholders by inserting the candlesticks.  Add embellishments to the candleholders if you desire.  A beautiful Bowdabra bow would be perfect!

beautiful candle decorations

Candle Sticks for ThanksGiving

  1. Display your candlesticks and candles on your Thanksgiving table or on a side table.

 Enjoy this fun tutorial by Bowdabra designer Sarah Forhan.

ThanksGiving Handmade Candlestick

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