Candy Flower Bouquet – Valentine’s Day Crafts


DIY candy flower bouquet

Looking for a lovely but creative valentine gift for that special someone? A candy flower bouquet is just so pretty and fun to give or receive. They are also very easy to make – especially using your Bowdabra!

You only need a glass vase, faux flowers, candy, decorative cardstock, glue dots, ribbon, Bowdabra, wire and wand. And the best part, you can get very creative adding your special touch using these items to customize your bouquet. The possibilities are unlimited!

Let’s start by gathering all the materials needed as stated above.

How to make a valentine bouquet

Since we’re using a clear glass vase (dollar store) . . .

How to make a bow

take a small piece of decorative cardstock or paper (metallic silver corrugated paper), measuring the height just below the container and roll up into a tube shape, cutting off excess and sealing the edges with glue dots.

Ribbon bows ideas

Insert the tube into the glass container. This will hide the wire floral stems and add a decorative touch to the container.

how do I make a bow

After arranging the flowers in the vase, add a glue dot to the back of the foiled candy . . .

craft supplies - easy valentine's day crafts

and press one into the center of all the flowers.

how do I make a hair bow

How to make bows

Next, cut a 24″ piece of Bowdabra wire, fold it in half,
and place in the Bowdabra.

Bowdabra bow making tool

Since the ribbon pattern is only on one side, we need to make a fold and twist bow. Fold the ribbon to make a loop and twist the ribbon 180 degrees and press down into the Bowdabra.

Bowdabra bow maker

Do the same on the opposite side, so now you have a loop on each side of the Bowdabra.

Easy to use bow makers

Continue to create as many loops as desired . . .  back and forth.

Easy to use bow maker

For this, I made three loops of graduated sizes on each side and used the wand to scrunch down the ribbon.

How to make bows


While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end. Pull the bow wire tightly while the bow is still in the Bowdabra.

Professional looking bows

Gently pull the bow out of the Bowdabra,

Professional looking bow

separating the wires and tying around the back.  Fluff the bow and cut off excess wire. Attach the finished bow to the top of the vase with glue dots, adding heart shaped candy to the middle of the bow and down the front of the vase.

DIY bow making

valentine's day crafts

Since I had candy leftover, I inserted them into the vase, just outside of the tube.

valentine crafts - valentines day diy

valentine diy crafts

A candy/flower bouquet is perfect for not only valentines but also for other holidays, birthdays, get well and thank you wishes and graduation gifts,

Have fun making some!

candy flower bouquet diy

Candy Flower Bouquet - valentine's day hair bows

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