How to Video for a Cute ballerina hair bow

Adorable DIY Video Tutorial, How to make your own cute Ballerina hair bow!!

Cute ballerina hair bow

Watch this Easy Video Tutorial, Now, anyone can make this adorable ballerina Hair bow with the mini bowdabra!


What we’re going to do is make a really cute ballerina bow. The first step is to just out the felt pieces. And we have a little pattern online. Download and print the Ballerina hair bow patterns right here!

Ballerina bow pattern

Prepare the ballerina ribbon

And I’m just going to glue my felt onto my ribbon, and then take the straps and glue those on, because these are  going to be the straps for our ballet shoes. And take the other piece and I’m going to glue that on here. And they’re going to be a little bit bigger, so I’m just going to take my scissors and clip the ends.

And then I’m going to take the one that I’ve already done and I’m going to take my Mini Bowdabra with my Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool that slips right over the Mini Bowdabra and take my Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half, and just tuck it underneath my Mini Bowdabra.

Begin to create your cute ballerina hair bow

Then I’m going to take my ballet slipper ribbon and fold it in half, and lay that down into my Bowdabra, because this is going – these are going to be my tails. And what I’m going to do here is make a crease so that you don’t have to sew. So this is the base of my cute ballerina hair bow.

Then the first thing that I’m going to do here is lay my ribbon into my Mini Bowdabra. I’m going to fold it back. And underneath here, I’m going to crease it and lay it into my Mini Bowdabra. Then I’m going to measure these, and these loops are going to be exactly as long as my Bowdabra tool.

And I’m just going to put a little crease in the middle, take my Bowdabra Wand, or my Mini Bowdabra Wand, scrunch everything down into my Mini Bowdabra, take my wire and separate.

Make my loop. Pull the ends through my loop. Separate the ends. Bring them around to the back, and tie off the bow. Then I will add a piece of pink ribbon to cover up the wire and glue it on this cute ballerina hair bow.
Then, I can tie this onto a ponytail holder or an alligator clip. And I’ll just clip the ends, and you have a really pretty, pretty ballerina bow.

Thank you so much!!!

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