Bow Ribbon Bell Ornament – Christmas In July

Bow Ribbon Bell Ornament for Christmas in July Gifts

I love Christmas in July! It’s a marvelous time to get a head start on your holiday crafting. And the best part is you can actually enjoy making things without having that rushed feeling!   A favorite holiday craft of mine is making this Bow Ribbon Bell Ornament I’m sharing with you. I make the bottom portion by folding and gluing the ribbon, shaping it into a bell.  Then, I top it with an adorable Bowdabra bow. And finally,  the bow wire securing the bow is adorned with sparkling beads for the hanger. I love how chic this looks!

Now, Lets make the Bow ribbon bell ornament

To make this adorable ornament, begin by cutting 2.5″ wide ribbon into fifteen – 2.5″ squares. It was quick and easy to cut and seal the ribbon at the same time using my Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter.

Christmas in July Crafts Ideas

Next, with a series of folds as pictured, the ribbon was glued and shaped into petals that were hot glued together to form a bell.

How to make Bow ribbon bell ornamentMini Bowdabra bow making tool


Make the Bowdabra bow

To make the Bowdabra bow, insert a 24″ piece of bow wire folded in half into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under.

Mini Bowdabra bow maker tool

Then make a crease in the ribbon and place into the Mini Bowdabra. To make your first loop, fold and crease the ribbon and press into the Mini Bowdabra.

Easy to use crafting tool

Next, fold the other side the same loop width. Continue folding loops, one at a time, down through the center of the Mini Bowdabra. I made eight loops on each side.

Scrunch down with the Mini Bowdabra Wand. While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end pulling tightly, tie in a knot and gently pull bow out.

How to make a bow

Separate the bow wires – one on top and the other on the bottom of the bow.

How do I make a bow


Insert the bottom bow wire into and through the center of the bell ribbon and string the beads onto the wire, sealing the end with hot glue.

How to make a professional bow

String the top bow wire with beads, gluing the larger bead first to the center of the bow. Loop the bow wire back through the opening of the beads for a hanger and secure with hot glue.

Easy DIY Craft & Decoration IdeassSimply lovely!Bow Ribbon Bell Ornament for Christmas in July eventHappy holiday crafting using your Bowdabra!

Visit Bowdabra designer Gail at her blog Purple hues and me, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ for more craft tutorials like the Bow ribbon bell ornament!



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14 thoughts on “Bow Ribbon Bell Ornament – Christmas In July

  • Crochet Hooks

    simply beautiful Gail and I love how easy it would be to make! You could even use different color ribbon to match your decor (say purple themed tree) or for other holidays if you keep your tree up year round. These would make a fun bunting too! Thanks for sharing at the Christmas in July party!

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