Bowdabra Christmas Tree Hair Clip

Bowdabra Christmas Tree Hair Clip

This tutorial for a Bowdabra Christmas tree hair clip is so easy you will have it ready in minutes! Simply follow the quick and easy step-by-step instructions. Together with the Bowdabra bow maker and some supplies you may already have on hand you can make this Christmas tree hair clip uniquely yours!

For example, you can use pearls instead of rhinestones on the tree, or substitute some cabochons or sequins. The sky is the limit for you to personalize this cute Christmas tree hair clip.

Make the easy Bowdabra Christmas tree hair clip


  • Green 1 ½” wide wired ribbon
  • Brown chenille stem
  • Rhinestones, cabochons, pearls, sequins or beads
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Bowdabra mini bow maker with ruler attachment
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • Metal bead cap
  • Alligator clip


Make the front of the Christmas tree first.

  1. To begin you will need to cut two pieces of green 1 ½” wide wired ribbon 6 ½” long.
  1. Second, cut an 18” piece of Bow wire. Fold it in half and insert it into the Bowdabra.

Mini Bowdabra bow making tool

  1. For the next step, fold one of the pieces of green ribbon in half. Then, insert the unfolded ends into the Bowdabra. Repeat with the second piece of ribbon on the other side. Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

Easy to use crafting tool

How to make a bow

  1. Next, insert the two loose wires through the loop and pull tight while the ribbon is still in the Bowdabra. Remove from the Bowdabra and tie a knot to secure.

How to make a Christmas Tree Hair Clip

Make the back of the tree next.

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 for the back of the tree.  Next, you will fold up the bottom folded edges on both front and back pieces for a hem. Then, tuck in the seams down the middle.

DIY Bow Making Ideas

easy tree hair clip for Christmas in July

  1. For the next step, cut a piece of brown chenille stem 6” long and wind together to make a sort of trunk. Attach with some hot glue to the bottom center on of the hem of the front or back of the tree.

How to make a ribbon bow

step-by-step instructions for Christmas Tree Hair Clip

  1. Then, place front and back with insides facing so that the hems are on the inside. Once you have lined them up, use a glue gun to attach together, slightly puffing it out for extra dimension. Next, wrap the excess bow wire around the top to form a point.

hair clips for Christmas gifting

4th of july crafts

  1. To form the tree topper, slightly pull apart a bead cap and attach with some more hot glue.

4th of july crafts for adults

  1. Finally, decorate your tree by gluing embellishments to the front whether they are sequins or rhinestones, the sky is the limit. (Since these items are usually tiny I use tacky craft glue for this) Let the glue try.

easy patriotic crafts ideas

  1. Finish your Christmas tree hair clip by adding a ribbon covered alligator clip to the back.

best Patriotic Crafts for kids

As can be seen This Bowdabra Christmas tree hair clip is just adorable for any child or adult to wear throughout the season.  We hope you enjoyed our Christmas in July theme this week and will come back and visit again next week!

Christmas Tree Hair Clip for fourth of july celebration

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