Back To School Fashion Mini Cheer Bow Key Chain

Back To School Crafts - Mini Cheer Bow Key Chain

Hi everyone, Tammy here today with a cute back to school tutorial on how to make a mini cheer bow key chain. My daughter loves her cheer bow that I made for her a couple of weeks ago in this tutorial. She wanted a matching mini cheer bow key chain for her backpack, so here is how I made it.

Supplies I used:

Bowdabra Mini

Gold Bowdabra Wire

1 inch wide ribbon

2 styles of 1/2 inch wide ribbon



Heat source to seal ribbon

Glue Dots

Key chain hardware

Mini Bowdabra bow making tool


First, cut one 12 inch long piece of 1 inch wide ribbon and two 5 1/2 inch long pieces of 1/2 inch wide ribbon in two different styles. Run a line of Glue Dots on the back of the two pieces of 1/2 inch wide ribbon and lay those pieces on top of the 12 inch piece of 1 inch wide ribbon. you should have about a 1 inch gap in the center.

Back To School Crafts Ideas

Then, cut a 18 inch piece of the gold Bowdabra wire and fold in half. Place wire in the Mini Bowdabra and fold over the sides to keep in place.

Easy to use crafting tool

Then, fold the ribbon in half and mark the center with a crease. Fold the ends of the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut and heat seal tails.

Back to School Ideas

Then, cross the tails over each other and pinch the center of the ribbon into a bow form. Place bow in the center of the Mini Bowdabra.

How to make a bow

Next, adjust tails to be centered and create a slip knot with the bow wire and pull tight, securing the wire around the center of the bow. Wrap the wire around the bow center a couple times and tie it off.

How to make bows

Finally, attach key chain hardware to the center of the bow wire.

Back to School Crafts Ideas

Add your mini cheer bow key chain to backpack of your choice, and that’s it!

Back to School Mini Cheer Bow Key Chain

My daughter loves her cute little cheer bow key chain on her backpack. It was so easy to make with the Mini Bowdabra, I’m sure it will be the first of several decorations we make for her backpack this school year :)

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