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Wait till you see this amazing video for an elegant headband

video for an elegant headband

Just watch this amazing video to make an elegant headband featuring Sandy Sandler and Bowdabra. You will be surprised at how quickly you can whip up a back to school elegant headband that your daughter will absolutely love!

This elegant headband is a quick and easy project that comes together in minutes. It’s great for babies, flower girls, Christmas, Easter and more. The best part is that anyone can be a designer with the help of Bowdabra!

Lets make the elegant headband

For this project, we’re going to use both of our regular Bowdabra and our Mini Bowdabra.

First, I take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, and I like to cut it off of our 100-yard rolls because it’s just easier to work with. I’m going to fold it in half and just lay it down into my regular Bowdabra.

Then I’m going to take my Tulle and just going to take my tulle, and center it as I’m putting it down into the Bowdabra. And I’ve got maybe a 1 ½-inch tulle. And just scrunch this down into my Bowdabra so that it is in the center and it’s going to make a really cute little puff.

And then what I’m going to do is take my two little strands of beads that we’ve just cut off of the roll, and take my Bowdabra Wand and scrunch everything down. Then take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, and as I do with every project, I’m just going to pull the two ends through the slipknot and pull it really tight. Now I’m going to pull it out and separate my ends. Bring them around to the back and knot it.

So I’ve already cheated and I have another one of these puffs made. So I’m just going to put these over to the side. I’m going to take my wire and again, I’m going to fold it in half and lay it into my regular Bowdabra.

Continue making puffs

And the reason that I’m using the regular Bowdabra for this is because I have a lot of this tulle, and it’s a thicker material. So it’s a little bit too much puff for the Mini Bowdabra. So, again, just feed this into the regular Bowdabra, and keeping it centered so it will make a very cute little puff.

So now we’re going to scrunch this down here and bring my wire up. Again, pull the two ends through my slipknot. Pull my bow, my little puff, tight in my Bowdabra. Pull it out of the Bowdabra. Separate the ends. Bring them around to the back. And I’m going to tie it off. Before I tie it tightly, I’m going to fluff it out a little so it’s more of a cute little fluff.

And now I’m going to really tighten it. Tie a knot and put it over to the side so that it’s ready to go on our headband.

Next, I’m going to take my Mini Bowdabra and my piece of wire and a piece of lace. So I take my wire and I’m going to fold it in half. Then, I lay that down into the Mini Bowdabra.

Then I’m going to take this lace and do exactly the same thing. I’m going to make a little puff. And I’m just going to scrunch it into my Mini Bowdabra, trying to keep it centered. And keep scrunching it in here. And I’m just pushing it down with my hands. You could use your wand here, but this is really simple if you just use your hands and kind of push it to scrunch it down.

And then I’m going to take, again, the ends. Make sure that’s centered there. And bring this through. And I think the lace makes it really pretty, and just pull it really tight and separate the ends. Bring it around to the back so you have this really cute little puff. And then what I’m going to do is tie this and let’s make sure we knot it.

Attach it to the headband

Okay, so now I’m going to take this really pretty lace headband. And as you can see, here’s the seam. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start at the seam and I’m going to take my big puff here, and I’m going to tie this onto the headband right at the seam. And I’ll just basically tie it here. Knot it and clip the ends.

And then I’ll take my next one and I’m going to put this right next to it. And I’m going to do exactly the same thing. We’re just going to knot it. Put it as close as I can to the other one and tie it off. Let’s see how that’s looking. It’s really pretty, for sure. And then I’m going to put my little lace on the other side of my bug puff and just tie that here.

And then we’ll knot it, and I’ll clip everything at the end. And I’ll just tie my last one on. And then once I get this tied on, I’m just going to clip the ends of them with my scissors and then fluff it out. And you have this really cute elegant headband that can be used for a flower girl, or you can use different ribbons, and you can make it into anything that you like.


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