Let’s make a quick and festive Party Banner with Bowdabra

Hi everyone, Steph  here to show you how to create a fun back to school collection using the Bowdabra.  The Mini Bowdabra  is a fun tool that makes all your bow making projects easy and fun.  It’s time to create a Party Banner.

Party Banner

I love to create banners and since parties are on the horizon, I needed some bows.  Bows look great added to the edges of the party banner.


How to make a Party Banner

I used the Mini Bowdabra and incorporated the Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit because I wanted to keep the size of my loops the same.   Then I placed the Bowdabra Bow Wire in place and tucked it under the ruler.


Taking multi colored ribbon, I created two bows.   I used the wand  to push the bow loops into the Bowdabra before tying it off.


Next I pulled the bow wire up and used it to tie off the bows.  Then I tied excess wire off to create “hangers” for the banner.


Create a party banner in your choice of size and colors.  Then assemble the panels with brads.  I used stickers to spell out party on the party banner pieces.  The bows are perfect accent pieces to the banner.

party-3-bowdabra-steph-ackerman party-4-bowdabra-steph-ackerman

How will you use your Bowdabra  today?

Thanks for stopping by.



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