How to quickly make a fun all-occasion glam card

all occasion glam card 4

Watch Sandy Sandler create this quick and easy all occasion glam card in this video tutorial. Using your Bowdabra you can put together this all occasion glam card in just seconds and you will be the hit of the party! This all occasion glam card works for everything from birthdays to Christmas.  So you will always have a card on hand. So let’s make the card.

Now we’re going to make a really cute card that takes just seconds.   And it’s wonderful for invites to birthdays, showers, weddings, slumber parties, thank you cards or just, “thinking of you!” cards.

The first thing that I did is, that I took some card stock – I think I bought a whole bunch of these at the dollar store, so it was really easy and they were just so cheap. And it’s ready to fold. I already added glue and this bling on the top.

I bought the bling at Wal-Mart, so it’s very available and you can pretty much get it anywhere. So if my glue gun would work…

And so now I’ll just take the bling and I’m going to lay it across the bottom of the card and just center it on the card.

Finish the glam card

And now I’m just going to put the card to the side and take my Bowdabra bow wire. Fold it in half and lay it into the Mini Bowdabra.

Next, I’ll take some of our Bowdabra scrunchy ribbon, and I’m just going to scrunch this down in the middle of my Bowdabra.

To finish, I take my Mini Bowdabra wand; scrunch the ribbon in to the mini bowdabra. Then, take the ends of my bowdabra bow wire and pull the ends through my slipknot. Pull it tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra.

Bring it around to the back and tie it off, and knot it and then just clip the ends.

And I’m just going to kind of shape it so it’s round. And then I’m going to take my glue gun again and just put a little bit of glue on the back of my little gem and put that in the middle. Then I’ll take my card and then just put a little bit of glue on the back of it and glue the bow on to my card. And it looks like I need a little bit more glue here, so just put a little bit more glue there. Perfect.

And you have an adorable all occasion glam card that works for pretty much any event.

All occasion glam card 1

Bowdabra bow makers are readily available at all major craft stores, Walmart and online.

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      Starting next week we will be selling it on our blog. Please check out website after Sept. 15th and we will have it in stock again. YAY… I am so excited to have it in stock again.

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