How to video to make a fun, streamer pony tail holder

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Do you have some pieces of scrap ribbon you just don’t know what to do with? Well, watch Sandy Sandler as she shows you how to make an adorable and fun streamer pony tail holder!

It’s so quick and easy and perfect for back to school. Your little girl will love how the streamers flow. You will want to make a streamer pony tail holder in all colors!

Let’s watch Sandy make the streamer pony tail holder

Now I’m going to make a really cute, simple streamer ponytail holder.  It’s wonderful, because you can just use scrap ribbon to make it. So first I’m going to take my mini Bowdabra, then I’m to take about 22 inches of ribbon and I’m going to fold it and half and put it into the ponytail holder.

So now the ponytail holder’s just going to sit on this side, and I’m going to use this for my tie instead of my Bowdabra bow wire. And then I’m just going to take each of these different ribbons, they all match and—I’m going to fold them all in half.  Then I’m going to just lay them into the Bowdabra, or the mini Bowdabra.

Just lay this here and pull this one in half and lay it there.  And then now I’m just going to take the ribbon that I threaded through my ponytail holder and pull it through just like a slipknot.

And I’m just going to pull this tightly and now pull it out. I’m just going to tie a knot. And then what’s cool is this ribbon will now also attach into the pony tail holder. And you have this adorable little streamer pony tail holder.

We hope you enjoyed this amazing how to video. Visit and subscribe to the Bowdabra youtube channel for more step by step videos!

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