Use Bowdabra to make a sensational zipper pull tassel

zipper pull tassel

Hi everyone! Tammy here with a fun zipper pull tassel idea. I love to add fun accessories to my purses and planners, and this tassel is one of my favorites! You can easily make one of these tassels for your purse out of simple ribbon with the Mini Bowdabra. Here is how I made mine…


Mini Bowdabra

Silver Bowdabra Wire

Coordinating ribbons

Tassel topper

Lobster claw clasp

Fun charm of your choice

Make your zipper pull tassel


tassel7Cut 18 inches of silver Bowdabra wire and fold in half. Place inside the Mini Bowdabra and fold around the edges to keep our of your way while you work.


Cut 20 (7″) pieces of coordinating ribbon of your choice, and place inside the Mini Bowdabra as shown.


When you are done adding all of the ribbons, use the wand to compact the ribbon to make it easier to tie.


Bring the Bowdabra wire first into a slip knot and then tie a double knot to secure.


Feed the wire up through the tassel topper and around the base of the lobster claw clasp. Then feed it back through the top of the tassel topper.


Tie the wire into a double knot as shown.


Trim any excess wire and fluff the tassel.


You can also attach a fun charm to the top of your tassel like I did.


That’s it! Just attach it to the zipper on your favorite purse or planner and enjoy! I hope this has given you a unique idea on how to use your Mini Bowdabra!  Vary the colors, ribbon styles and more to personalize your own tassel.  Add to planners, backpacks, and purses. They even look great on a drawer pull for a touch of elegance!

For my video tutorial, click on the link below!

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