Valentine treat bags, inexpensive and fun to make

how to make a ribbon bow - Valentine treat bags

Hi everyone! Tammy with you today with a easy way to create these fun Valentine treat bags with the Mini Bowdabra. My daughter and I love to make her Valentine’s Day gifts for her classmates, so we came up with these cute gift Valentine treat  bags made from ordinary brown paper bags, and they turned out so cute! Here is how we made them…

Valentine treat bags


Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra gold wire

Brown paper bag


Glue Dot Pop Dot

Plastic gem

Scrapbook paper


bow wire - valentines day diy

Cut the Bowdabra wire about 18 inches long

bow making tools - valentine's day crafts

Fold in half and wrap edges around the Bowdabra to keep out of your way while you work.

how to make a ribbon bow

Stack ribbon in three rows, each a little smaller than the last to create a waterfall effect.

how to make bows with ribbon

Place ribbon inside of the Mini Bowdabra

easy bow making instructions

Wrap wire around the ribbon and tie into a knot

how to make ribbon bows - hair bows for valentines

Fold top of paper bag over and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to cover fold. Punch two holes in the top and thread the Bowdabra wire through the holes and tie in the back. Trim any extra wire.

ribbon bow maker step by step

Add a Glue Dot Pop Dot to the center of the ribbon

valentine ribbon bow ideas

Add a fun plastic gem in the center, and that’s it! How easy was that!

make a bow with ribbon - Valentine treat bags

How cute are these?  These adorable treat bags are sure to be a hit in any classroom, party or get together. They are great for any age when you fill it with age appropriate trinkets and candy.  You can add any treats inside and trim the paper bag to be any size you like. I hope this has given you some creative ideas on how to use your Mini Bowdabra to make Valentine’s Day treat bags of your own :)

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