How to Make Crepe Paper Bow Ribbon – Fun for Opposite Day

how to make bows with ribbon

Have you ever made crepe paper bow ribbon? Here’s an unconventional way of making it for Opposite Day! Doing things you wouldn’t normally do can bring about amazing results. Just look at the Before – Crepe Paper, and After – Bow Ribbon pictures! Can you imagine it’s just scrunching the paper together to make the ribbon? And then, using your Mini Bowdabra, to make an adorable crepe paper bow! They look amazing and is really fun and easy to do!

ribbon bow making

Here’s how:
Gather the following materials
Crepe paper
Skewer sticks or dowel rods ( two – 24″ long)
Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool and Ruler, Wand, and Bow Wire

Begin by taking a piece of crepe paper 20″x8″

ribbon bow making

Next,  place a stick on one edge and begin rolling tightly to the center.  Then lay the end of scissors on the rolled side to prevent unraveling and roll the same way as before by placing the second stick on the other side, making sure the two rolled sticks come together in the center.

make a bow with ribbon

Stand the rolled sticks up and start pushing or scrunching the crepe paper down at the bottom with your fingers and hand, gradually moving up the stick, making sure the crepe paper is scrunched down together.

how to make ribbon bows ribbon bow making

Once all the crepe paper is scrunched down, remove the sticks from the paper and admire your crepe paper scrunchie ribbon! How cool is this! Make another strip of crepe paper ribbon the same as before. Then,  open the rolls just a bit.

ribbon bow making

Now make your crepe paper bow

Now you’re ready to make your bows using the Mini Bowdabra.
Fold a 12″ piece of bow wire in half and place into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Pinch the center of one of the crepe paper ribbons and place in the Mini Bowdabra.

ribbon bow maker
Take the second crepe ribbon, creasing one end and placing in the Mini Bowdabra. Make another crease at the other end, looping over the tower, and down into the Mini Bowdabra.

how to make bows with ribbon how to make bows with ribbon

Make a crease in the center, pushing down into the Mini Bowdabra.

bow making tool - ribbon bow

Scrunch down the crepe ribbon using the Mini Bowdabra wand.

how to make bow with ribbon

While the bow is till in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end, pulling the wire tightly , gently pulling the bow out and tying the wire into a knot on the back.

ribbon bow with bow making tool

Curl the ends of the wire around the stick and remove.

how to make a ribbon bow

For a decorative look, dove tail the ends by cutting out small triangles starting at the bottom corner, as pictured.

Bow Making Tutorials - Ribbon BowUse shorter sticks for smaller bows.  Your crepe paper ribbon bows are now ready to be used just like regular ribbon bows.  Have fun decorating!

make a bow with ribbon how to make ribbon bows

Wasn’t this a fun new way to use your Mini Bowdabra?  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new things especially on Opposite Day! Be sure and visit Bowdabra designer Gail for more of her innovative and very creative crafts like this crepe paper bow at her blog Purple Hues and Me, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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