Video to make an amazing tulle and mesh bow

 tulle and mesh bow

Watch as Sandy Sandler the creator of the Bowdabra shows you how to make a pretty pink tulle and mesh bow in this easy video tutorial. Use the Bowdabra to quickly create this adorable bow that you can use for gifts, home décor and more.

This sweet tulle and mesh bow uses three different types and textures of ribbon, mesh and tulle to create a truly one of kind masterpiece!

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Pretty pink tulle and mesh bow


“Okay, now we’re going to make a fun bow using three very different textures. I have the mesh, and I have the very thin tulle, and we have this wonderful sparkly tulle. It’s more of a fabric though. It’s not quite tulle.

So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my silver Bowdabra Bow Wire, fold it in half and lay it down into the Bowdabra. And then I’m going to just tuck it under so it stays out of my way. Now this is about a 12-inch-wide mesh, and I really love working with this because it can make a really wide, fun, fluffy bow.

Begin your bow

First, I’m just going to feed this into my Bowdabra. And what’s nice is the Bowdabra holds everything in place. Just in case, for those of you that don’t know, underneath here we actually have springs. And that’s why the Bowdabra will hold something that’s as thin as tulle, or as thick as a mesh.

Next, I’m just going to take my mesh, center it, and just kind of scrunch it. And I love how the mesh makes like little loops when you push it down. So now I’m going to actually take my Bowdabra wand and kind of scrunch everything down.

Then I’m going to take this really pretty tulle that I get from Falk Industries, and I’m going to just fold it and twist, fold it back and twist, so that the right side is up. So, again, I’m going to just fold and twist, and push it into my Bowdabra. Fold it, twist, and push into my Bowdabra. And I’m going to make one more loop. And then I’m going to take my wand and just scrunch everything down into the Bowdabra.

Finish the bow

Now I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I have a slipknot, so I’m going to pull the wire through the loop and pull it really tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra. Then I’m going to pull it out of the Bowdabra, separate the ends, bring them around to the back and I’m just going to tie a knot.

And then you can either hang it on a wall, put it on a gift, or even hang on a little girl’s headboard.  I’m just going to shape it out, and you have a really adorable bow.

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