You can make a beautiful star wreath with Bowdabra

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a fun Star Wreath created with the Bowdabra.

This star wreath can be displayed for so many different holidays – think Memorial Day, President’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.  You could even leave it out all summer.

beautiful star wreath

Bowdabra Bow Making and Design Tool
Bowdabra Gold Wire
Smoothfoam Wreath
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint
Beacon Adhesive
Bowdabra Star Wreath

Using a Smoothfoam wreath, I wrapped it with blue ribbon.

make a beautiful star wreath

To create the bow, I cut the bow wire about 18 inches then folded it in half and inserted it into the Bowdabra.  Next,  I folded the wire underneath the Bowdabra to keep it out of my way while I worked on the bow.

christmas holidays Star Wreath

Leaving approximately 6″ of ribbon free, I placed the ribbon in the Bowdabra and created varying sized loops.

Create Bowdabra Star Wreath

Once I had  the number of loops I wanted, I pulled up on the bow wire and removed the bow from the Bowdabra.  Next, I tied the wire tightly to secure the bow and then fluffed the loops.

Christmas Star Wreath

Finishing your star wreath

Using the left over bow wire, tie the bow to the wreath.   Paint assorted sized chipboard stars with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint.  Once dry, use Beacon Adhesives to adhere the stars to the wreath.

Christmas star wreath with Bowdabra


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