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Video how to make an easy dog collar, leash bow set

Watch this easy DIY video tutorial to make matching dog collar, leash bow set for your dog or pup. So elegant and pretty you will want to make several sets for gifts as well!

dog collar, leash bow set


  • Mini Bowdabra
  • 2 pc Bowdabra Bow Wire (18″ each)
  • 2 pc Purple Tulle (11″ x 3″ each)
  • 4 pc Polka Dot Ribbon (5″ x 1.5″ each)
  • 2 Gemstones
  • Dog Leash
  • Dog Collar
  • Hot Glue
  • Lighter
  • Scissors

Dog collar, leash bow set

“Now we’re going to make a really cute dog collar, leash bow set that is going to make an adorable coordinating set for your dog’s leash and for around their neck.

So, now what I’m going to do is I’m taking my piece of bow wire, it’s folded in half, and I’m just tucking the ends underneath so they stay out of my way. Then I have to take this ribbon that I’m going to use, and we’re going to dovetail the ends by cutting from the fold to the outside. Then I’m going to just take my lighter and just finish the ends. So, now I’ve already dovetailed this piece.

Begin your bows

So, I’m just going to take this and put that in the center into my Mini Bowdabra. And as always, we find the center by folding it in half. And then we’re just going to do a little mountain up fold, and then we’re just going to go this way.

So, then what I’m going to do is take this really pretty, sparkly pink tulle ribbon with little sparkles on it. And I’m just going to scrunch that down in here and put my Bowdabra wand in and scrunch everything down.

Then I take my wand out. Then I take my loop, pulling my two ends through my loop and old my bow down while it’s still in the Bowdabra. Next I separate the ends, and pull it out. Bring the ends around to the back. And we’re going to just tie this really tight in a knot.

So just kind of fluff it a little bit. And fluff my tulle. And before I’m finished, I also have a little gemstone. So, I’m going to take my glue gun, just put a little dab of glue right in the center of my bow. And then I’m going to take my gemstone and glue that on.

Finishing your bow

Then what I’m going to do is take this, I want to make sure I have this the right way. I’m going to take where my little seam is in my headband. And I’m going to just feed and stretch it out a little bit. So I feed my wire through the hole so it comes out on the other end. And I’m going to take the same piece of wire and I’m going to just feed that and pull it out and just feed the same piece, back through. This way I’ll end up tying off the bow onto the headband on this side.

So again, I’m going to pull it really tight and bring it around to the back here. And I’m going to tie a double knot. Then I’m going to clip the ends really close to the end. And clip this one as well.

And I’m just so excited because I have this really cute, it actually could be a little girl’s headband. But I also have this bow that I made for the dog’s leash, and I’m going to put this around her neck. Or, if you wanted, you could tie it onto a collar. But I made this thinking about a little dog, and that color is Vivee’s, but she’s a much bigger dog.

So, we have this absolutely adorable matching  dog collar, leash bow set for the dog or your puppy.

dog collar, leash bow set

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