Video how to make a fun Easter egg hunt centerpiece

Watch Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra as she makes this absolutely adorable Easter egg hunt centerpiece in this easy how-to video tutorial. Follow along and create your own special centerpiece to use on your holiday table this year.

Easter egg hunt centerpiece - Easter DIY crafts


“Hi, today we’re going to make a really cute what I call Easter Egg Hunt Centerpiece. So, how I’m going to make it is I’m going to take a canning jar, and I’m just going to open it up. Then, take this little cover here and take that to the side. And then I’m just going to put the lid a little bit to the side.

And I am going to make my little Easter egg hunt centerpiece. So, I’ll do this, put a little grass in, just sort of throw in the Easter eggs, maybe place them on the grass a little bit, and then put some more of my — now this is called Sizzle Pack, but you can find it at most any store. And you can see, they’re all dropping to the sides, and I just kind of can maneuver them around a little bit. Throw some more in here. So, they add a little bit of color as you layer them up on the centerpiece. And you can see why I call it an Easter egg hunt, because you sort of hunt through the grass.

Now I’m using almonds, the colored Jordan almonds in here, but you don’t have to use real almonds. And then you just screw the top on. I’m just going to put that aside.

And now I’m going to make my bow for the centerpiece. So, I’m going to fold my wire in half and just tuck my Bowdabra Bow Wire underneath the Mini Bowdabra just so it’s out of the way.

Then I have these Easter color ribbons, and I’m just going to lay my tails in, so I just fold them in half, find the middle and just put those in right there. Then I’m going to take my two Easter colored ribbons and just going to twist it and going to fold that in and fold it back. And actually, with this you probably don’t even have to twist if you don’t want to. I just like to twist because it tends to fluff a little bit better if I twist it.

So, I’m going to bring that back around and then just finish by bow here, take my wand and scrunch that in. And now I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, pull it through my slipknot. Then I’ll hold the bow down and pull it really tight while it’s still in the Mini Bowdabra. Next, I pull it out; bring my ends around to the back and just going to tie it off in the back. And then I’m going to also tie a knot. And once I’ve tied my knot, then I’m just going to clip my ends really close to the bow.

Finishing your Easter egg hunt centerpiece

Now I pull my tails down and fluff my bow just a little bit here. Let’s see what we’re doing. And you can either pull them apart or leave them in. It just depends on how you want your bow to look. I kind of like showing all my colors. So, I’ll fluff it out.

And then what I’ll do is take my centerpiece back, put a little bit of glue on the back where I cut my Bow wire. Then, I’m just going to find the flat side of my centerpiece, and I’m just going to glue my bow right onto the front. You may want to wait until it dries a little bit and then fluff it out. Then once it’s fluffed, I just added this little egg that I purchased at The Dollar Tree to top off my centerpiece.

Easter egg hunt centerpiece - Easter DIY tutorial

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