How To easily Make A Tissue Flower Party Decoration

Hi everyone! Tammy here with a easy tutorial on how to create this fun Cinco de Mayo flower party decoration. This floral wreath is created with tissue paper and the Mini Bowdabra.  I love to have Cinco de Mayo parties and decorate my home with fun and bright colored tissue paper flowers. Here is how I made this wreath for my front door to welcome my Cinco de Mayo party guests.  Why not make this quick and easy flower party decoration for your party too.

flower party decoration


Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra wire

Multi colored tissue paper

Foil paper

Wreath form

Curling ribbon

Tissue flower party decoration


1. Cut a 24 inch piece of Bowdabra wire, fold in half and place inside of Bowdabra Mini as shown.

2. Tuck wire around and under Bowdabra Mini

3. Cut (10) 6 inch by 6 inch pieces of tissue paper and a few 3 inch pieces of  foil paper strips.

4. Fold tissue accordion style

5. Place foil strips in center of tissue paper

6. Place inside of Mini Bowdabra

7. Pull wire into a slip knot and tighten around center of tissue paper

8. Tie wire into a double knot on the back of the flower.

9. Fluff foil to create flower center.

10. Separate each layer and bring to center to create flower.

11. Crinkle and fluff each layer as you go

12. Use Bowdabra wire to tie flower to wreath base.

13. Space flowers around wreath evenly until the wreath is full.

14. Add curling ribbon to the bottom and the wreath is done!

You can create different size flowers depending on the size of tissue square you start out with. I created these small flowers below with 3 inch and 4 inch squares.

I hope this tutorial has given you some ideas on how to create fun Cinco de Mayo party decorations with your Mini Bowdabra. Cheers!!

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