How to make a beautiful Mother’s Day card video tutorial

Watch the creator of the Bowdabra Sandy Sandler make a beautiful Mother’s Day card in this quick and easy video tutorial. It’s easy enough for kids to make in minutes! Simply add your sentiment on the card front and then follow the Mother’s Day card video tutorial to make a gorgeous Bowdabra bow that looks just like a flower!

Mothers Day Handmade Cards

Mother’s Day card video tutorial


“Now we’re going to make a super cute little Mother’s Day card. So, I’ll start with my Mini Bowdabra. I’m going to fold my Bowdabra Bow Wire in half and just lay that into the Mini Bowdabra and just kind of tuck the ends underneath. Then what I’m going to do is take a little chenille stem that I cut and lay that, because that is my flower stem.

So, next I’m going to take this really pretty wired ribbon, and I’m going to scrunch this in. And I need to use wired ribbon for this because I want to be able to shape it so it looks like a really pretty little flower when I’m done.

Now, we’re just going to scrunch this down in here and I’m going to just scrunch everything down with my Bowdabra wand. Then I’m going to pull the two ends through my slipknot. I hold my bow down, and pull it really, really tight.

Take it out of the Bowdabra, separate the ends and then bring them around to the back. And I’m just going to tie a knot. Then I’m just going to kind of twist it maybe about three times so I know it will stay together. And I’ll cut it here. That’s what I love about the Bowdabra Bow Wire.

Finishing your Mother’s Day card

Finally, I’m just going to fluff my little bow.  And then I’m going to take my Mother’s day card, on which I’ve already written “I Love You Mom.” I just glue the flower to the card. So, what I do is I just put a strip of glue on the back of my flower. Then I glue it diagonally on my card. And you have a really cute Mother’s day card.

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